Fabienne Verdier

“I enter the surface of the canvas almost explosively.”

About Verdier’s work:

“Verdier paints on sheets of paper or canvases spread out on the floor. Her painting is vertical, playing with gravity, the weight of the paintbrush, the load of the ink and her body. Suspended between heaven and earth, the paintbrush is guided by spirit and hand, its handle at times hanging from over 10 meters of rope and held in place by a pair of bicycle handlebars. Her physical engagement is key: together with preparatory ascetic practice and “suchness” (the path of spontaneous expression), it forms the basis of Verdier’s work. Beyond this spontaneity of the stroke, the ink flow is also guided in producing the work, in particular in her very large formats. Verdier thus disengages from the rules of Chinese painting: she can go on. add to and rework the matter until she finds just the right form.”

Chilean illustrator, Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo, breathes colorful new life into classic anatomical illustrations from the 1700s and 1800s. 

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